What We Learned This Year, and our Top Five Tips for a Successful 2022

Our Firestarter Forums are a digital space for business leaders to address a range of essential issues and share experiences with like-minded peers.

In each forum, we provide insight and advice from expert speakers, and also give participants the opportunity to share experiences and best practice in dealing with the inevitable leadership challenges and difficult decisions that we all face.

In our final forum of 2021, we’ll be looking back on an interesting, often unpredictable, frequently challenging year, and asking ourselves what we learned.

We’ll be sharing our own lessons and giving an insight into how we used them to make changes to both our own business and our work with clients from across a wide range of scales and sectors

It’s promising to be a packed-out and highly informative session, and since ‘tis the season we won’t be able to resist a little Christmas cheer as well. We hope to see you there!

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